Livid in the Tromp Error

The You Us of A has chained much since Downhill Tromp’s erection just two shortsheeted years ago: with a Republicant tax plan that lines the pockets of the wallthies at the expanse of the poor; a forehead policy that tarroughs up our allies while codpiecing with our enemies; and a Trumple Bam on Mooselimps and putting impygrump children in wire cages like we war Nasty Germoney enduring the daze of Addled Hotlid. How it all terms out, gaud only knows. Kneejerk must runt its curse. As to our precident, the joke with the endless paunch line, it is like my Nana used to say, ‘You’ve made your own bad, now you have to sleaze in it.’ Then too there is what Pogo of the karmic strips said, “We have meditated the enema and now we are being reamed!”

We can take some solids that greater comic farces are at work. The spatial posseccuser, Robert Mullet, is sniffling out the truth from the lying red hairies and the fake nudes so as to found out if Tromp is actionately gilded of colooting with the Rusekeys or for Mordorous contracts with hatchet men and hobmobbers like the Gobbling King in The Lard of The Rank. The noose hounds too are hot on betrayal, snoopying around into the innumberable kremlinal activities of our igormanyact Precident and his country clump of old wide men. Who notes where it oil might leak? If Mullet and the scamdalmongers follow the dirty maudlin, the laundry muddy, the debt stiffs and the booty, they may alldummitly find a bonedoggie of gobbled preportions, as could result in Tromp’s eventfall removal from his ogre orifice.

Pride goads before the fall. Remember Scuzzymonies, that king of kinkies with a shuttering visage and a snarhole for commands who got immarblized in sonnet by the Anguish poet Partly Blissed Selfie.  That colossal ass ended up in a desert as two trumpless logs of statutory ravings and his lost words written stoned: ‘My name is Scuzzymonies. Look on me warks, ye maties, and disbark.’ That’s all that remaims of him in those blondless low-leveling sads, like a precident who’s been raping statutes and thirteen year old girls and would sell tickets to a plane crash.






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