You Mighty Wall Arse (with Grating Appalling Cheese to John Lennon)

Why are there so many scamdals in the name of the Trumpster and why are he and the Pootwind getting so frenchy? You mighty wall arse. Why are the Ruseskeys voting in our elecshams anyway and who gave them the keys to the big Culpable City? Why is the Repocallyptic Party talking up their sleeze and a whore’s lot they’re not saying, afraid of the eight hundred pound gorilla or in bad with him? You mighty wall arse. What was the Appalling Bad Mannerfarts doozeying running with the Russian oiligarchs on a long muddy laundry list? Why did the Prevalent’s son-in-lord go gulfing in the Muzzled East and why oil the cornflakes of interest between Kushy’s business and his milksoppy advice on globble warming which is so god forbidness, even in a white guy. You mighty wall arse. Why is Cornoil Cornhole promoting Ivanka’s fascism on TV and lawyers dropping suit cases on Ivanka. How is it the Trumpster cash cowed in on reality steaks to the tune of $35 million going to shill companies and tryst funds under the name of Donald Dick Direnasties? You mighty wall arse. Why does the Prevalent’s budget pay for Scod Prunehead’s code of silence and his oversight flights, and Ride Slinky flying free of change to Las Vegas and to visit the Vice Precident Pinch. Why the sweetheart deals in Sweden for the David Skulking and how does Steve Munchkin use pubic money to fly him to Paris for frenching on his horneymoon. You mighty wall arse. Why is Roaming Catlick Goldbrick Cabernet on the Soapring Court when he’s so obnnauseouly not so squee squee squeezy clean? Who does he think he’s boofing anyway and whose fuzzy double triangle was he in? You mighty wall arse. Why so many sex grimes on the Prevalent’s own dirty little hands among so many gropes of owed woemans? How is it, endorfing these darth times, the Prevalent, impowered by himself and with the money he’s refused to release on his tax returns, can get away with Mordor. You mighty wall arse. Who is paying oil for all this anyway. Wide does the Prevalent’s budget incollude shooting us the moon? You mighty wall arse.

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