The Mueller Aknowedgies

The Reppocalypse Party is to our dismobcrassy as a politicult coupe is to:

a) a gaff barreling whores b) a gift barreling Russians c) a bearhold of Russians d) Tromp’s Cabinet, like twelve clowns in a clown car


Pootin is to a blog stallion as Donald McFondle is to:

a) let’s not disgust it b) beating a debt whore with a shtick c) Maria Brateeny, a real whore’s pillow to swallow d) gropes of horse womens


Michael Crony is to a goat between as the Primadonald is to:

a) a whores traitor b) a joke with an endless paunch line c) an orangitank gone rogue d) a flipflab man who mass resents his people


The Russian Probe is to an external enema as Appaling Bad Mannerfarts is to:

a) a prostrate b) a brown noser c) the Old Mother Gooser d) the Roaming Catheter Mother Eraser


Pootin is to Razzpootin as Disputin is to:

a) the you’re fired escape b) the Three Moscowteers inkremlinaling the Tower c) the Humper’s psycholargical need to have his name strumpeted from the rubetops d) no colooting with Russians; that was just something they trumped up


Trumpty’s razing Texas is to oil the kinky’s men as his Barter Wall is to:

a) the Gall of Mixtaco b) a bridge over troubling squatters b) c) dystopian tubas tied up in a missdirectummy performed on a selected audience d) allotter bid like the fife men on the mama ellaphone: none knew what the utters were playing


Jurymandering is to the Jock Itch System as Brat Jabbernuts is to:

a) symbolized law b) the Reclubliklan white men party c) Christine Blazing Forward d) his testymuddying at his own condomnation hearing



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