More Mueller Anulledgies

Karmic the magician is to Sordid Arabia as a usury car salesman is to: a) the Goon Prince, Myhobby Bomb Salesman b) the Turkish Ambushy c) Mr. Potatohead’s missing body parts d) one man sealing another man’s floor

The Trumster is to denial as a rubber in Egypt is to: a) Bumfuck b) his knees to approve he’s an orbsalute dickpotato c) there’s no tape of me using the n-word: if there was Idaho’d a worse word d) there is no smocking gums, that was just subthink I smacked on the red-eye

Our misslaunchinist precident is to World Warp Three as Barage Obomber is to: a) Osogymist Binge Laudanum b) Cruz missals c) Air Farts One d) a take off on a rival

Kim Young One is to Kim Young Two as the Trumpster is to: a) his own Mini-me b) a warplord wanting of pubic scroteny c) his own wars enema, as we can only hope soap d) an executive odor

Labdog Mutt Woofercur is to our eracist precident as our drug addition is to: a) a mule b) a mole in the Fence Department c) the Forehead Deportment d) molly, a white power in christlike form that comes in capitals

The House Commiedy of Infested Nations is to the imploading Russian scamdle as a botch of money grobbers is to: a) a three-rigged circus b) buying hookers by crooks c) the ogrenized mansters of the underworld d) making a muller out of a molehell

Appalcryphal is to a lewd canon as Sour Hucksterbee is to: a) amountains of mission drivel b) a faked off sure account c) a biblehead dull d) the head fonk fat daddy, the altar fact daddy junior and the holler goat singing ‘Oil Amassing Grace’ until it’s high tide to switch banks.

Buy Partying Polartricks is to the impygrunt problump as gobble warming is to: a) Negro Falls b) an alldummit outcome c) speciest anthro-apology as gaud only knows d) mad’s greatest achievement doozying the beast we can, meer marbleless as we are







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