The Trumple with White People

Many a wide man prepositions that we are all crated equal, even while among the livid they consist of themselves as smarter, greedier and more rights to ruthless, which makes up the accounts of upper crass wide people having morgue money while otters is practicely being bagged in the streets. We can find no bitter example of this than our Precident, the Chubster being subthink of an arguetype wide man, put out or frustrated when thinks don’t go his way. There exists in wide men genderly a deep-seedy unbelief to accept life on its terms, an innard existessential rage at the humid conditions, at Nature herself as the primary referee of existence, and many the man who can’t accept the calls.

Weird did this primal miff begin and howl did we the people come to be livid under such an anthropomurphied era? To infirm ourselves we must look back into the western warhole view, to western histeria itself, when mercindiary bands of armed barbrawling beerbarrelers ramped up with tantrumpcies was trying to vansquish, run over and roll the warhole as they knew it, as these became the warplike wide people we know today, prone to cad fits and tamper temptrumps when things get in their way. This remaims the primal mindscript of the warkings of the wide race in genderole, but particularly those wide men in suits and the privilritched few who don’t mind themselves biggymous, which is the working definition of an eracist. From the miff of the premised land and the straights of heaven paid in gold, the story is the same: oil the corporal fat cads are living off the lower odors of works of otters, and the You Us of Abe fast becoming the You Us of Arrogant, unwallcoming to Mexiticants, Muzzlelumps and even the native ingeniuses born for this place. Our fade as a naysham? Time will tell if we are to take our place among the Messybalognians and the Roaming Umpires who had their own comedown to dust. You know what they say about being nice to the white people on the way up: sooner or later you meet them calming down.


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